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Muffler inlet/outlet broken

The muffler inlet/outlet are the ports that connect the muffler to the rest of the exhaust system. If either is broken, the muffler can rattle around loose, or the sound waves may escape earlier and create a louder exhaust.

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Muffler Makes a Rattling Noise

The muffler can become loose in many ways. If the inlet or outlet have become disconnected, the muffler can bounce around and hit it or other parts of the car. This will create a rattle or bumping noise while driving.

Muffler Abnormally Loud

If the muffler inlet is broken, the sound of the exhaust can escape into the atmosphere before it is dampened by the muffler. This will produce a louder exhaust. If the outlet is broken, the result may not be the same, as the sound waves have already passed through the muffler.

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