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Broken or leaking exhaust pipe

A broken or leaking exhaust pipe will cause the exhaust gases to leave the vehicle before they are cleaned and the sound is dampened.

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Gas Smell Outside

If unburnt gas is contained in the exhaust gas, it will escape out of a broken or leaking exhaust pipe. This will produce a smell of gas outside the vehicle. The gas won't be leaking out, and the smell will only be noticeable while the vehicle is running.

Vehicle Smokes

If there is smoke coming from underneath the vehicle, or near the engine, there may be a leaking exhaust pipe. Smoke coming from the engine may be a result of a leak in the exhaust manifold. If the smoke is coming from under the vehicle, a leak lower in the exhaust system may be the cause.

Exhaust is Louder

If the sound from the exhaust is louder than normal, a leak may be bypassing the muffler and allow the sound waves from combustion to pass without dampening.

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