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Brake shoes out of adjustment

Brake shoes contain an adjuster that resizes the gap of the shoe and drum as the lining wears. If the adjuster is over wound, the shoe will continuously make contact with the drum, causing the brakes to always be applied. If the adjuster is under wound, it may not reset the starting position of the shoes properly, reducing the pressure put on the drums.

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Rusted or Stuck Brake Shoe Adjuster

The brake shoe adjuster contains a treaded bolt that turns via an adjuster lever as the linings wear. If the bolt is rusted or stuck, the lever cannot turn the screw an lengthen the adjuster.

Disconnected or Broken Adjuster Lever

If the brake shoe adjuster lever is disconnected from the adjuster, it will not turn the adjuster's screw and push the brake shoe's starting position closer to the drums.

If the lever is broken, it will not move. This will prevent the adjuster from lengthening as the lining wears.

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