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AC compressor has no charge or an overcharge

The AC compressor is a main part of the air conditioning system that circulates refrigerant. Without the proper amount of refrigerant, it cannot function properly. If the air conditioning system is low on or out of refrigerant, the air conditioner may blow warm air. If the system has too much refrigerant, the AC compressor can become flooded. The "charge" refers to the amount of refrigerant in the system.

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Refrigerant Leak

A leak in the air conditioning system can reduce the amount of refrigerant. Any leak should be repaired prior to adding new refrigerant.

A common procedure in determining a leak in the AC system is to add refrigerant with a dye. If the system is leaking, the dye can easily be seen and the source determined.

Too Much Refrigerant

The AC system may have too much refrigerant in it, disrupting the circulation, and flooding the AC compressor.

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