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How to Replace Air Filter

Having a clean air filter is crucial in having a good running vehicle. Here's how to replace or check it.

Difficulty: EASY

Make sure engine is off

Tools/Equipment Needed

Screw driver


Step 1: Open hood and locate the air filter box

Open your hood and locate the air filter box, it can be located in various places depending on your vehicle. A sure tale sign is there is a large tube coming from it and going to the motor.

Step 2: Remove clips holding top

Remove the clips holding down the top of the filter box. Yours may be held down by screws, if thats the case remove all of them to access filter.

Step 3: Open filter box top

Once all clips or screws are removed, lift the top off to gain access to the air filter.

Step 4: Remove filter & inspect

Remove the air filter and inspect both sides, make sure nothing falls into the filter box. It could be sucked into the motor and cause damage.

Step 5: Replace filter & fasten clips

Replace the air filter back into it original position. Most are shaped a certain way so that it only goes in one way. Once back in fasten clips or screws, making sure the top is seated correctly.

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