Shop Agreement

Last updated on November 20th, 2010


Thank you for choosing, LLC("RideFix", "We", "Us", or the "Site"). We look forward to providing you with a special advertising experience. Please read carefully through the following agreement. If you have any questions or comments, please contact Usat or via our online form.

By signing up for services and posting information on RideFix, you agree to abide by the Terms of Use and this Shop Agreement including all future edits and revisions. You are responsible for reviewing this agreement for changes. RideFix may or may not post notices of changes to this agreement in the headquarters Dashboard. This Shop Agreement also falls under the conditions of the Privacy Policy.

Truth in Advertising

All information you post on the Site must be an accurate and honest portrayal of the services you provide, certifications you have, and overall nature of your business. You are responsible for any and all claims of False Advertising arising from the information you post to the Site, and agree to indemnify, LLC for any claims arising from False Advertising or misinformation you post on the Site.


You agree to honor any and all coupons with a valid code, prior to the expiration date, that you create on RideFix.

Please note that a coupon cannot be edited once it has been listed, however, you will have the opportunity to preview your coupon prior to final submission. You may delete a listed coupon at any time but you must honor any outstanding coupons that have a valid code and have not yet expired.

You will receive email confirmations of every coupon you create, unless specified in your preferences. If you find that a coupon has been created without your consent, please contact Usimmediately.

Contact Person

You must list a Contact Person in your account which contains current information including telephone number and email. RideFix will use this person as a representative between you and the Site.

Any disputes, complaints, updates, billing, and general information will be addressed through this Contact Person. The Contact Person is in control of, and responsible for, the creation and maintenance of the information you provide, including coupons.

Anti-Spam Policy

RideFix is designed to allow users to connect with shops on their terms. While you have the capability of contacting users, the users get to make the first move. Unsolicited private messaging of users is not permitted.

You are not allowed to create Forum posts, How To tutorials, or CarPedia articles that act as an advertisement, or mention your shop to the public. Forum signatures and avatars may contain your shop information.

If you violate the Anti-Spam Policy, your activities on the Site may result in some or all of the following:

  • suspension from shop searches.
  • restriction of features.
  • termination of account, and forfeiture of fees already paid.


A RideFix Repair Shop Account is paid for upon creation and renewal and includes two account levels with different features. The accounts levels are: Standard and Lite. You are charged only for the highest level, and can include any feature from a lower level.

Should you wish to cancel your account prior to the expiration date, you may receive a refund provided you have more than 7 days left on your account and the total remaining divided by the payment period minus five percent (5%) of the total paid and a one dollar($1) service is greater than zero.

For example, if you paid $250 for 1 year, and you have 100 days left when you choose to cancel, you would be entitled to a refund of:

(($250 / 365 days) * 100 days left) - (250 * 0.05 + 1) = $54.99.

You may renew your account when there are 7 days or less remaining. If your account is not renewed, your profile will be removed from searches and be unviewable until it is renewed.

Revisions and Disputes

From time to time, RideFix may alter this agreement. It is your responsibility to check the Site often for changes to this agreement. You agree at all times to be bound by the current agreement. Should you find something in a future revision you wish not to comply with, you may cancel your account.

Any disputes related to services provided by the Site that cannot be resolved between you and RideFix will be settled under the laws of the State of Michigan and brought within the jurisdiction of a court in Washtenaw County, State of Michigan, or the U.S. Federal District Court located in the Eastern District of Michigan.