RideFix puts your shop on the web

Act as or supplement your shop website.

Versitile features allow you to:

  • Suggest services to customers
  • Share repair histories
  • View customer mileage
  • Make Coupons
  • Display shop pictures
  • Create a blog
  • and much more

3 account levels, base on your business

  • Dealership Account: Allows you to list salespeople and create unlimited Car Sales Profiles.
  • Service and Repair Account: Our standard account. For car repair and maintenance shops, car rentals, taxis , and automotive parts & product stores.
  • Lite Service Account: For services like oil change, car washes, and detailing.
  • Choose a monthly payment to try it for a month. Pay yearly for the greatest value.

  • A RideFix Shop Profile not for you?
  • List a car repair shop, car dealership, or automotive service provider in the RideFix Directory. It's free!
  • Anyone can add an automotive service provider to the Directory. Managers, owners, or if there's a shop you use.
  • Click Here to add a shop to the Directory.

Your Shop on RideFix.com

Go beyond a mere website and communicate with your customers

Your customers are busy in their lives. They see you during routine maintenance and repairs. Wouldn't it be nice to be constantly informed of the state of your customers' cars?

RideFix.com provides the solution: an online resource for shops and drivers to share information about their cars. Our users can connect with any repair shop to share information. When your shop has a RideFix Profile, you can:

  • Share your customers' service and repair history
  • Allow your customers to record services performed on their cars
  • Suggest services to customers
  • View status updates on your customers' cars
  • Create or supplement a website for your business
  • Answer questions of potential customers
  • Be listed in the RideFix shop directory to get new users
  • Post coupons and specials
  • Communicate with current and potential customers and other car repair businesses

Many ways to connect with customers

People look for the cause of car problems, they find you

People have questions when they are experiencing car problems. Our diagnostic application provides an easy way for them to learn the potential cause. They can then find local repair shops, including yours, to get their car fixed.

Ride Manager: Sharing car information with you

The Ride Manager is a resource that allows people to manage their car online. They can record their service history, post updates on the state of their car and receive personal service suggestions from you. You can see their mileage, last oil change, and much more. Recommend services on a personal level right from your computer.

People have questions, you have answers

Our car forum has a separate forum for each make, model, and year of car. You can monitor these forums, based on the vehicles you service or specialize in, to forge new relationships. A link to your shop will appear with every post, allowing people with questions to see your expertise.

We are currently having a sale! All services are 50% off as a special introductory offer. Prices shown are the sale prices.

$500.00/year or $50/month $250.00/year or $25/month for car dealerships. Includes the ability to post your car inventory.
$300.00/year or $30/month $150.00/year or $15/month for general repair and maintenance shops.
$150.00/year or $15/month $75.00/year or $7.50/month for light serivces such as towing, oil changes and car washes.

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