800HP electric GMC X-Truck

Posted on Jan 25, 2013 by ride_002000 to New Cars

Bob Lutz is a revolutionary name in the auto industry, he is responsible for the Chevy Volt among others. He left GM after a great career and now finds himself heading VIA, a plug-in hybrid truck company which recently unveiled an 800 horsepower concept called the X-Truck.

VIA has been around for years showcasing their $79,000 hybrid truck line as a fix for commercial fleets. Their trucks, based off of General Motors' trucks like the Sierra, Silverado and even the Express Van. What VIA does is adds large battery packs to power the truck that still utilizes the gas engine to recharge the batteries. With the X-Truck instead of putting in one 400hp electric motor VIA slammed in two, count it two, 400hp motors giving this beast 800hp along with 35 miles of electric range before letting the 5.3L gas engine kick in. No mention of mpg but no doubt will it be greater than your standard gas engine

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