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Worn brake shoes

Brake shoes contain a lining that creates friction when pressed against the brake drum. As this lining wears out, the brakes require more room to travel before the shoe makes contact with the drum.

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Brake Pedal Easy to Press

If the brake pedal is easy to press, or can be pressed to the floor, the lining on the brake shoes may be worn out. This would require further movement to activate the brakes.

The shoes are adjusted to a certain point as the lining wears. However they will reach a point where there is no more adjustment. In this case, the brake pedal will become easier to press and must be pushed lower to the floor to activate the brakes.

This can also be caused by a malfunctioning brake shoe adjuster. As the linings wear, the adjuster pushes the shoe's starting point. If it fails to do so, the pedal will have to be push more to activate the brakes.

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