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Faulty master cylinder

A faulty master cylinder can cause issues with the brake pedal or brakes, and may be caused by brake fluid leaks. The master cylinder is an essential part of the braking system that transfers movement of the brake pedal to the brakes by hydraulic transfer.

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Brake Pedal Easy to Press

The brake pedal should have a certain resistance when the master cylinder is working properly. If the pedal is easy to press, or is pressed really low before the brakes activate, the master cylinder may not function properly.

Under normal operation, when the brake pedal is pressed, the master cylinder forces brake fluid through the brake lines to operate the brakes. If this process is hindered, there will be little resistance by the fluid as it is forced through the lines.


Brake Fluid Leak

A reduction in brake fluid level will prevent the master cylinder from operating effectively.

See brake fluid leaking

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