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Defective flywheel

The flywheel maintains engine momentum during non-power strokes. If it fails in this respect, the engine will have difficulty continuing to turn and may stall shortly after starting. The flywheel also connects the engine to the transmission through the clutch disc.

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Engine Stalls After Starting or While Idling

During ignition, the crankshaft is turned by the starter motor. Once the engine has started, it will run on its own. The flywheel helps maintain a fluid motion of the crankshaft. If it is damaged or loose, it may not be able to keep the crankshaft turning through the non-power strokes.

See Four stroke power cycle for more information.

Transmission Slips

The flywheel connects to the clutch disc, which links the engine to the transmission. If the transmission becomes disconnected, or slips, the flywheel may be at fault.

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