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Defective Clutch Release Bearing

The clutch release bearing separates the flywheel from the clutch disc. If the bearing is defective, it can cause two main problems: 1) The clutch disc will not be able to separate from the flywheel, enabling usage of only a single gear. 2) The clutch disc will disengage at random points while driving, cause the transmission to "slip".

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Squealing When Depressing Clutch

A clutch pedal release bearing is what presses down on the rotating spring plate or "pressure plate" to release the clutch disk. Levers and springs in the pressure plate release the clutch from the engine's flywheel separating the power of the engine from the transmission. The Release or "throw-out" bearing, is only engaged when your foot is on the clutch pedal, this means that the bearing is pressing down on the levered springs of the pressure plate and holding them there while rotating at the speed of the engine. When this bearing goes bad you could hear a squealing or screeching noise whenever the clutch pedal is depressed. This bearing is not engaged when your foot is off the clutch pedal.

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