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Defective clutch

The clutch is the system of parts that transfers the engine power to the transmission. While it can be operated manually or automatically, failure in this system has similar symptoms. Most notably, an inability to change gears.

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Symptoms in a Manual Transmission

Inability to change gears

If the clutch cannot engage any gears, the vehicle will be unable to move. The engine will simply turn independently of the drivetrain.

Transmission Slips

While driving in a certain gear, if the clutch release components are defective, the vehicle will be able to go into a certain gear for a while.

For example, if a vehicle can enter third gear, but during driving, the engine revs and speed slows, the problem may lie with the third transmission gear.

If this occurs with every gear, the culprit is likely the clutch disc.

See Clutch disc is worn, Clutch disc is fluid contaminated, and Clutch disc not fully engaging.

Symptoms in an Automatic Transmission

Engine Revs, Speed Stays Same

Since any automatic transmission changes gears without driver action, the lower gears may catch, but as speed increase the engine's RPM will increase and the vehicle speed will not.

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