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Broken hardware in a drum brake system

Drum brakes contain a few parts that can break off. If one of these parts finds its way that they become lodged, the brakes may lock up or be unable to function.

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Brakes Lock Up

If a piece of the drum brake gets caught in between the shoe and drum, it can act as a braking component. The wheel will lock up at random. There may be a noise associated with this, as the broken piece scrapes around the brake drum.

Another possibility is that the broken piece may have become lodge near the brake shoe adjuster. This could cause the adjuster to push the shoe closer to the drum before it needs to. With a closer starting position, the brakes can lock up.

Brakes Don't Engage

If a piece of the drum brake get lodged in such a way that it prevents the shoe from making contact with the drum, the wheel will be unable to stop.

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