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Battery has a dead cell

The battery is composed of cells that produce around 2 volts. If a cell is blown or dead, the total voltage of the battery will be reduced. This can prevent the vehicle from operating as it requires a certain voltage to ensure all systems are functioning properly.

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Battery Gauge Always Low

The battery gauge measures the energy in the battery. If the battery has a dead cell, the total range of the battery power will fall. The remaining power may not be enough to move the gauge above a certain point.

Vehicle Accessories Don't Work

If the vehicle accessories do not work, the battery may not have enough power to operate them.

Engine Stalls When Accessories Are On

If the engine stalls when an accessory, such as the air conditioner, is on, the battery may not have enough power to maintain both the operation of the spark plugs and the accessory. The spark plugs may not fire as electricity is diverted away and, reaching the battery's capacity, the engine stalls.

Battery Can't Hold a Charge

With a dead cell, the battery may not be able to hold a charge, or be unable to be recharged.

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