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Short in brake light wiring

A short in the brake light wiring can complete the circuit to the brake lights, causing them to remain illuminated when the brakes are not engaged. On the other hand, the wiring may create a short circuit, in which the current is completed, but skips the connection to the lights. The circuit will be closed when the brake pedal is pressed, but the electricity will not flow through the bulbs. Both will create a dangerous driving condition as other drivers will not be able to know when the vehicle is stopping.

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Brake Llights are Always On

If the brake remain on, a defect in the wiring may be completing the circuit to the brake lights. This will cause the circuit to remain closed and the brake lights to remain on. The brake light switch can also become stuck, causing the same condition.

Brake Lights Don't Light Up

If the short in the wire is creating a short circuit, the current can skip over the brake lights when circuit is completed. This will prevent the brakes lights from being illuminated when the brake pedal is pressed.

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